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Friday, August 22, 2008

Locating the perfect host agency

Here is a link to an April 2007 listing of host agencies. More current listing may also be available at or

You’ll notice that start up & membership fees run from zero to thousands of dollars. For a beginning agent I suggest looking at the no fee agencies like or These are both Ohio based companies & have zero start up fees.

As you gain experience and build up a clientele then you may want to join another host agency that offers a more complex range of services. This is where and I would expect to pay a fee.

Another way to sign on as outside travel seller is to enquire at local agency. Simply ask if these use outside sales people. If the answer is yes continue your investigation if they say no then move along. One plus of a local host is their availability and possible use of their office space for sales and training.

Please remember that I am neither endorsing nor recommending any specific host agency but will gladly help answer your personal questions.

Happy travels! Email your questions/comments to