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Saturday, October 4, 2008

What happened to my rental car's free unlimited mileage deal?

Hey Travel Professor I recently rented an automobile from a national firm and the rate was supposed to come with unlimited free miles. However when I returned it they charged for miles. What gives? What can I do?

First off read the fine print or ask questions of the rental agent. Your rental agreement does provide free mileage as long as the vehicle stays with the renting state or states that border that state. So when you picked your vehicle up in Ashland, KY that identified the states that qualified for the unlimited miles deal. Once you crossed out of those states the contract was modified back to the daily 100 free miles plus whatever for each extra mile.

An inexpensive little electronic gadget like a GPS system was the culprit that told the story of your travel itinerary so there’s nothing much you can do in this instance.

So this is another example of the hidden fees that can chip away at your good deal!