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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still sidetracked in Vicennes Indiana

This was the frontier region of the early United States and the country’s expansion westward was in progress. Another remarkable treasure Vincennes treasure dating to this period is an elegant house called Grouseland (

This is a Georgian style home built in 1803 by William Henry Harrison when he was Governor of the Indiana Territory. Today it is a National Historic Landmark filled with a rich history of the period. The house was more than a residence: it was the center of government for the Indiana Territory and also served as a fortress in times of unrest. Harrison was elected ninth President of the United States in 1840, so the home is a Presidential site and exhibits contain colorful campaign memorabilia.

I could spend a couple of days here exploring the area but I’ve got to keep heading west. For more information on the region contact the Vincennes Convention and Visitors bureau at (800)886-6443 or

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