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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicago is my kind of town

Chicago has that feel. Just like the one I get when I’m in Boston, Gettysburg, Munich and Prague. You know the sensation it is warm, inviting, comfortable and familiar. Not the cold and distant vibes like I receive when in New York City or Los Angeles.

The “Windy City” has everything to offer to the traveler. You can experience world class art, history, architecture, shopping, dining, theater, cultural diversity, education, museums and sports. You will find e plenty of additional categories and other activities that I’ve left off this list.
It’s easy to get to as it is only an hour flight out of Columbus Ohio with airfare costs as low as $78.00 roundtrip these days. My preferred gateway is
Midway Airport as it’s less congested than O’Hare and in my opinion easier to navigate. Plus it is served by one of my favorite airlines Southwest. Even though they only serve free peanuts in flight the beverages are free and Southwest still does not have any baggage charges and their Rapid Rewards frequent traveler program is one of the best around.

After you arrive it’s easy to get around using the Chicago Transit System (the L) trains and buses. A 3 day unlimited pass only cost me $14.00. I jumped on the Orange Line at Midway Airport then transferred to the Red Line at the Roosevelt stop en route to Grand CTA stop. This stop is just north of the “Loop” district an area full of shops, restaurants and hotels. Exiting here it was a short two block walk to my hotel located in the heart of the downtown.

The “L” is convenient and it can take you to most of the areas attractions and neighborhoods. I’ll be using it quite a bit during my stay here and will keep you updated on my journeys and discoveries.

Happy travels!