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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hotel stay, park & fly

To JP: Here is an explanation about why your recent hotel stay was more expensive than the room rate you confirmed on-line.

Many airport area hotels offer a package that includes your pre departure hotel room plus parking. The number of free parking days varies by property. Be sure to inquire about how free days are included in your room rate and what any additional days of parking would cost.

The stay, park & fly rate is generally not listed on the Internet so I suggest that you contact the hotel directly to obtain the correct price. I recently priced a hotel stay at $55.00 but this did not include free parking. I had to upgrade to a $79.00 rate which did include free parking and airport shuttle.

I believe that this is what you experienced.

To help prevent rate check in shock conduct your pre-arrival research and arrived as an informed traveler. Better yet contact a travel agent.

Happy travels!