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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot dog flavored potato chips?

One item I sampled at the Fabulous Food Show was Shearer’s Home Run Hot Dog flavored potato chip. According to the company “Shearer’s Rippled Home Run Hot Dog Potato Chips are loaded with the classic taste of a flavor of plump, juicy Sugardale® beef wiener smothered with mustard and relish.” Sorry guys but I struck out on this one. I’ll wait for next summer and a real stadium dog at the ole ball park.

I would love to see how potato chips are made but was disappointed that they did not offer a factory tour. But they do have what looks like an interesting company store so a visit to the
Shearer’s Potato Chip Company Store is on my schedule for next summer.

Many companies offer factory tours and I’ve discovered that these to be fun, informative (and often free and/or inexpensive) educational activities. To locate these I go to the company home and search for “factory tour” or “visitors centers”

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