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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruise vacation values

I took my son to a major league baseball game the other night. Here are wallet damages for food and beverages: $3.50 bottle of water, $6.50 nachos, $4.50 soda, $6.00 hot dog, $5.00 ice cream and a $10.00 foam finger. He said he was not full but I was not buying it.

As a responsible parent I would say that my “yes’s” were around .300 not a bad major league batting average. But according to my son only agreeing to 3 out of 10 requests was being a “mean” dad because I did not indulge in every request. Too bad BTC!

However this experience made me think about the real value of a cruise vacation. Gosh most of these items are included in your cruise fare. He’d have access to a 24 hour pizzeria and room service. Menus would not have any prices on them. Normally I could park the kiddies at Camp Carnival and have them participate in the educational programs without any additional charge.

Cruising is also an educational enriching experience as you visit foreign lands and cultures plus interact with a broad range of passenger onboard the ship.

That $70.00 weekly cruise fare for the 3rd or 4th person in a cabin is starting to look much better. Better yet occasionally you can catch a “kids cruise free” promotion.

Hopefully the airline gods are smiling and I can get affordable to my port. Last time I checked it would have cost me more for a 2 ½ flight than a fairly inclusive 7 night cruise vacation.

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