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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magellan sets sail to circumnavigate the globe

On August 10 1519, five ships under the command of Ferdinand Magellan left Seville seeking a passage through South America to reach India. Spain had ceded the eastern passage around Africa to Portugal, so an eastern passage was critical to the nation.

On December 6, Magellan's fleet sighted South America. Avoiding Brazil, which was Portuguese territory, Magellan and his crew continued south. On October 21, 1520, they reached the Estrecho de Todos los Santos, ("All Saints' Channel"), now named the Strait of Magellan. On November 28th, Magellan entered the waters they named Mar Pacifico (Pacific Ocean) because of its calm.

Magellan would not complete the journey. He was killed in the Philippines during a battle with natives. The expedition returned to Spain, the first to circumnavigate the globe

If you’ve got the time and money why not follow in Magellan’s footsteps and embark on a world cruise ? Only this time it will be a luxury sailing.