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Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to select your cruise cabin

One of the essential decisions that you will have to make when planning out your cruise vacation is selecting the cabin that you will be staying in. What type of cabin and where it is located on the ship can play a big factor in how you enjoy your journey.

Selecting your stateroom depends on a couple factors- how much you can afford (or want) to spend on it, what kind of lifestyle you lead, how long your vacation is going to be and where you will be sailing.

Unlike hotel rooms where you room is assigned upon check in your specific cruise cabin can be assigned well in advance of your departure. By looking at a deck plan you can pin point your location.

Choosing a cabin is a very personal decision and should be made based on what is important to you. An experienced travel agent or cruise counselor can also be very helpful. Listen carefully to their advice but in the end it is still your decision to make.

We’ll cover more about cabin selection and the different types of staterooms later.

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