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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

50 essential travel destination on a new bucket list

Few people have seen more of the world than Princess Cruises’ own destination experts. In the past 45 years that Princess ships have been sailing to all seven continents many of their longest-serving shipboard and shore side employees have logged thousands of sea and air miles visiting hundreds of countries, cities and sites. They’ve often been asked “You’ve seen it all. What places do I really need to have on my travel bucket list?” They have started a “The Travel Bucket List” blog that on a weekly basis many of their 15+ year employees will share their inspirational stories that make up their 50 essential travel experiences. Enjoy the journey!

Blog visitors will be encouraged to share their own experiences, and a different reader experience will be showcased each week. All of the destinations described in the blog will be ones that passengers can travel to aboard a Princess ship. For more information, visit

Be sure to visit your local travel agent when you’re ready to book your Princess cruise vacation!