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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Aboard Amtrak!

I needed to get a small group of 16-20 travelers to New York City for Christmas shopping and sightseeing. My options when to move a small group of people between Ironton and New York City were flying, driving, renting a bus or taking Amtrak. That’s right-riding the rails to the Big Apple.

Driving was out of the question, airfares were sky high as were motor coach costs. Surprisingly Amtrak was reasonably priced downright cheap when compared to the other options.

A couple of the downsides of this mode of transportation was the time involved it is a 15 plus hour ride in each direction and a limited schedule from the River Cities.

Other than these I found Amtrak to be a very pleasant experience. Their coach seating reminded me of business class on long haul flights, the restrooms were large and well maintained, the meals and snacks in the dining and club cars were reasonably priced.

All in all I will definitely take Amtrak again. I am actually thinking about a transcontinental family excursion next summer.