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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Play Ball!

With Major League Baseball’s spring training commencing next week my thoughts are turning towards spring and summer getaway opportunities. Here’s a travel suggestion that baseball fans can really get a grip on-schedule a tour of a baseball bat manufacturer. Even non fans should find the bat making process engaging and educational.

Mention baseball bats and ardent fans generally think about the city of Louisville KY, home of the famed Louisville Slugger bat factory and museum. But the Travel Prof has discovered another regional option the
Phoenix Bat Company.

The Phoenix Bat Company is located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, about 5 miles from the city's outer belt. Its right here where all of our bats are made…transformed from a long tube of wood in to a finished bat on the most advanced bat making machine used by anyone. If you're in the area please look us up!

The Phoenix facility tour lasts approximately 1 hour tour, you'll learn about how the business got started (blame it on a bunch of guys playing baseball in the 1800's!), working with pros, and the process in creating a great bat. You’ll learn about wood selection, computer-aided design then take a trip out on the shop floor for an up-close view of the bat making and finishing process.

Each tour includes a custom engraved mini bat to commemorate your visit. Current tours cost $10.00 per person and do need to be scheduled in advance.

I'd turn this tour into a day trip to the general Columbus area and I'll offer up some other suggestions in subsequent posts.