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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carnival Cruise Line testing an all-you-can-drink, alcohol-included beverage package

Carnival has become the latest cruise line to jump on the all-you-can-drink, alcohol-included beverage package bandwagon. If the trial run of the “My Awesome Bar Program," which is currently underway aboard Carnival Victory, is a success, the beverage package could be rolled out to the entire fleet.

The per-cruise cost for the My Awesome Bar Program is $42.95 per person per day, plus a 15 percent gratuity. Purchasers can partake of a wide variety of wine, beer and spirits, as well as sodas, bottled water and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails throughout their cruise. However, all included beverages, including wines by the glass, beers and individual cocktails, must be less than $10 to qualify for inclusion. 
I’ve got to sit down and do the math to determine if this is a real value…at $7.00 a beer you’d have to pound down at least 7 of these a day to break even

What do you think? A value or not?

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