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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feeding 3600 cruise passengers

Steakhouse Dining Room

It takes huge quantities of provisions to feed passengers on the average cruise ship. Here are a few examples of what's consumed, on average, during a week aboard the 3,690-guest Carnival Magic.

Onboard chefs prepare 2,200 pounds of prime rib, 2,500 steaks and 15,000 pounds of shrimp. Pizzas are a favorite dish -- the Magic produces about 7,000 of them in a week. Other impressive numbers: 66,000 eggs, 36,000 slices of bacon and 20,000 Danish pastries.

Meanwhile, the bars and lounges go through 24,500 cans of soda, 1,420 bottles of Champagne and more than 3,500 bottles of wine.