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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inbound tourism part 2

Last Saturday (1 Sep 07) over here on the Buckeye side of the Ohio River and maybe even over on the KY & WVA side there was a special TV event. Due to a change in programming most viewers would not be able to watch Ohio State’s opening football game. It was not broadcast on local TV channels nor was available on most cable TV packages. You needed to buy a special subscription so most fans were shut out.

Imagine what would happen if the Marshall versus WVU game was essentially blacked out? Outrage and insurrection! No I’m not advocating storming the TV and cable stations.

Getting back to the OSU game I ventured into a local riverfront dining establishment that was packed with scarlet and grey clad fans and I enjoyed some of their super buffalo, sweet potato fries and a few quarters of football. I dropped about $30.00 during my stay, $30.00 that I never would have spent at this restaurant on this specific Saturday if the game was my cable TV.

During my stay at the pub I couldn’t help but notice that the waiters and waitresses were in constant motion serving food and beverages and the cash register kept ringing. I’m sure this was not a normal Saturday afternoon at this riverside locale and the owners were pleased. If I could interview them I’m sure they would ask for more events that would generate crowds and revenue.

Tally up these expenditures at all of the Ironton locales and I’m sure every owner would praise the benefit of this special event and clamor for more money making opportunities.

Next weekend the hotels, restaurants, gas stations, pubs and many other establishments in WVA should benefit from the big MU vs WVU game.

The challenges to us in the Tri-State are to embrace these visitors, make them feel welcome and encourage them to return.