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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can I keep in touch with family and friends on my cell when I'm at sea?

A viewer recently asked if they could use their cell phone when they cruised and honestly I was not sure. With all the updates in technology and cellular services I had not kept up with what my provider AT & T was offering.

A quick browse of their web site indicated that yes I could be linked at sea if I had the proper type of equipment. Digging a little deeper into their information I discovered that AT&T offers wireless service on over 130 cruise ships worldwide with international roaming service. Sure you can use your same wireless number that you use in the U.S., with cruise ship roaming fees starting at only $2.49 per minute.

Be assured that at $2.49 a minute for personal communications this guy will keep his phone shut off while at sea. I’ll rely on those discounted phone cards that you can purchase just about anywhere these days and find a pay phone in port and make my calls. Or I’ll locate an “Internet” café and pay a reasonable fee to log on into cyber space.

Another thought that comes to mind is why are you cruising? Are you sailing to relax and escape from stress and pressures of your everyday world?

If the answer is yes and this is a vacation then stay off of the phone or the net. How can you relax when you’re always searching for signal?

Better yet if you must be linked when you’re traveling the best tactic is to just stay home. You’ll avoid the vacation expenses and miss the interruption of your life on your portable communication device.