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Monday, November 10, 2008

Internet users & travel agents survey results # 1

Travel Weekly a travel industry trade publication and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) recently conducted a survey of Internet users/travel consumers and travel agents. I would like to share some of their survey results with you.

Agents and consumers alike both rated as their number one source to check out what others have said about hotels, tour operators,, cruise lines, attractions and even travel agents. The Travel Professor also visits this site and finds it useful but I’m leery of the too good or too bad reports. Just like comment cards in restaurants people tend to exaggerate.
Let’s say if a hotel gets mixed reviews some good some bad then I consider it to be an all-right place. It’s probably a budget to standard class property and people who paid a budget price but expected a luxury hotel are likely the ones that are ripping it. After all what’s the difference between $100.00 or $600.00 a night? Do they have realistic expectations when they opt for the lower rate? Brags and bravos fall into a different category in my thinking as I don’t think any of us travelers would mislead another to a hell hole.