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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stay in touch with your travel providers

It is extremely important that your travel suppliers have multiple contacts for you before and during your travels. If there are any irregularities or problems most suppliers will contact you in advance.

Just the other day I was working with one of my travel students who had booked her flights on-line and we were trying to pre-assign seats on the plane. When all on-line attempts failed I resorted to an old fashioned tactic. I called US Airways.

Once I got a “live” agent on the phone she displayed the reservations and added the seat requests. Just out of habit I also inquired as to what phone contacts were showing in the record. Just one was her reply that of the on-line booking source.
We provided the agent with plenty of additional contact data the students’ home, work; cell phone even the local phone number of the Hawaiian resort that she’d be staying in.

Now in the event that of any flight irregularities the carrier should be able to contact her. I know from personal experiences that the airlines will contact the traveler when or if problems arise so stay in touch.