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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Save on European travel by taking a cruise tour.

Here's a question that I was recently asked: "We’d love to travel to Europe but isn’t the currency exchange impacting travel costs?"

Yes the exchange rates recently have devalued the American dollar versus the EURO, English Pound and other European currencies. The dollar has made some recovery but Europe is still a little pricey.

Today one strategy for European vacations that still offer a great value is a cruise vacation. On your European cruise your prepaid package includes air travel, accommodations, meals, entertainment, transportation between cities even organization activities for children. Your prepayment often locks in a favorable exchange rate so most if not all of your expenses are paid before you depart.

I also believe it is a more civilized way to travel. You arrive are transferred to your ship unpack once and watch the world sail by. There’s no packing and unpacking rushing from airport to airport or train station to train station.

Whether you are sailing on one of the traditional cruise ships or aboard an intimate inland river vessel there’s a new destination each day with boatloads of European history, heritage, culture and cuisine to take in.

For itinerary ideas, sailing dates and rates contact your travel or cruise only agent or visit the Cruise Lines International Association website and for small ship or river cruises go to home of the Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance.

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