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Friday, February 13, 2009

Island Love Affair

The small islet of Galesnjak has recently come to prominence after its unusual shape was highlighted on Google Earth.

Even the owner of the uninhabited island - now known as Lovers' Island - didn't realize how perfectly heart-shaped the island off the Croatian coast was until he was swamped with requests from couples to stay there. It seems many lovers from around the world consider it the ideal spot for a romantic Valentine's Day break.

The island is located in Zadarski Kanal between Zadar and the Island of Pasman.

Croatia tucked along the magnificent Adriatic seacoast is ranked as the 18th most popular tourism destination in the world, proving especially busy during the summer months. It offers splendid history and heritage and sits near the crossroad of where Europe meets Asian and Middle Eastern culture. Somewhat off the beaten path for North American travelers cruise tours offered by Costa and MSC Cruise Lines are popular with Americans visiting this region.

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