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Saturday, March 14, 2009

More about the Heartland Travel Show

One of the reoccurring themes echoed throughout the conference was special “niche” travel markets. It seemed that every city, attraction and/or supplier had created special packages for certain travelers traveling either as a few individuals or a large group.

Girl friends or best friends’ forever packages were everywhere. Not wanting to leave out another audience I saw plenty of guys’ getaways’ too! These packages were very different from the past offerings of golf, hunting or fishing expeditions.

Another large group of vacation packages were aimed at the intergenerational market. My working definition of intergenerational travel is the old family vacation of the 1950’s, 60s and 70’s. Grandparents are now being added to the vacation mix and destinations are actively promoting these as “Grand Parents” getaways.

Another over worked phrase was “stimulus package”. But I have to admit that there were plenty of extremely attractively priced package offers for travel in 2009 and early 2010. I know that I will be taking advantage of a few of the offerings.

Happy travels!