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Friday, April 17, 2009

More on shopping loyalty cards

Yesterday I commented on how a grocery store shopping discount card saved me over $100.00 while traveling.

On a more local note your Kroger‘s card is honored by various supermarkets around the country. Chains like Fry’s Marketplace, City Market and Dillon’s honor that card. Look at the back of your cards and you'll discover where they are honored at.

Because of my previous travels to and shopping trips out west I took mine with me to Arizona in March and save some cash.

I now have a collection of shopping cards almost as extensive as my casino frequent player club cards. If it doesn’t cost me anything to join and offers some immediate savings then sign me up.

I admit they want a bunch of personal information but you’ll have to weigh the potential benefits. I won’t give them my social security number, home phone or email account. If pressed for an email address I a free one. You can obtain a free Yahoo, Hotmail or Google account and use it only for shopping and discount purposes.

Happy travels!