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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making money from travel sales

I last posted about the legal difficulties being by They promised a get rich quick become an instant travel agent approach to travel sales.

Well I don't think you can become an instant millionaire but I do feel that some people can be successful in selling travel.

To be successful as a seller of travel you need to have product and destination knowledge along with sales and customer service skills. You don’t acquire these instantly by making a payment.

These skills are learned and acquired along the way. Industry knowledge followed by lifelong learning is important in any field but even more vital in the travel agency business as the only constant is change.

The travel industry has always embraced education and today offers a wide array of on-line and at the destination training. One of the perks has always been the familiarization (industry jargon for educational) trip.

The Internet and the computer have altered the way the travel products are sold. The travel agent is still heavily engaged in the travel product distribution system. There are many legitimate host travel agencies that work with independent contractors and do not charge enrollment or monthly participation fees while other hosts have elected to utilize the pay as you go route.

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