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Friday, May 15, 2009

More on National Travel & Tourism week and our elected officials

Demonstrating their passion for travel, thousands of industry employees took to the streets of more than 30 US cities on May 12 to demonstrate their support for travel and its importance to state and local economies. The U.S. Travel Association organized the events, in part, to provide an outlet to the 2.4 million Americans whose jobs depend on the business travel that came under attack earlier this year by select policymakers and sensational media coverage. According to an analysis by Smith Travel Research and the U.S. Travel Association, the travel industry lost nearly $2 billion in January and February 2009 due to mass cancelations of business meetings and events.

The Tri-State is prepping for a large soccer tournament this summer so just imagine the lost revenue for area hotels, restaurants and other shops if this event was cancelled. All inbound travel –pleasure and business are key economic drivers in many communities both locally and nationally. Keep America traveling!

I encourage prudent spending of resources and openly agree that the lavish spending of some officials and organizations must be controlled but the vents must go on. Contact your elected officials and let them know that you support business, convention and meeting travel. Ask them to back off legitimate expenses but continue to expose extravagance.

Sure the president of the company may deserve the penthouse suite but why not put the staff and entourage across the street at the more affordable property. They all don’t need to stay in the $500.00 a night place.

Contact your elected officials at and tell them to support the travel industry and help get America traveling again. Don’t let them ground the travel industry

We will all profit from this economic stimulus package if Congress gets it right on the positive side travel industry.

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