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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine flu virus starting to look less threatening

I recently read where a couple of computer models forecast that about 1700 cases of "swine" flu can be expected in the USA.

Based on a population of 306 million people isn't 1700 an extremely low amount to warrant 24/7 coverage? Granted I feel sorry for those folks that contract the illness but why all the media hype and over coverage?

In my opinion it is just another example of sensationalised irresponsible journalism. And no I don't buy the line that they're just doing their job and reporting the news.

Who do I really feel sorry for? Sure it's the sicks folks but how about the people and companies that work in the tourism industry. I do applaud the precautions these industries are taking to ensure the health and safety of their passengers and customers.

Just try to imagine how these businesses and their employees have been impacted. I also empathize with business and vacation travelers whose plans may have been disrupted.

Lastly how many people have shut themselves in and are riding out this new crisis. After all aren't they victims too?