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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Staying in Chicago

Visitors to Chicago have plenty of lodging options ranging from hostels to ultra deluxe hotels. Prices vary greatly according to location, days of the weeks, special events so planning ahead may be the best route to go to get the best rates.

Or take a chance and gamble with last minute savings offered by on-line discounters’ The downtown loop and shopping/entertainment area is fairly compact so just about major hotel offered by hotwire should put you right in the heart of it.

If I am not going the discounter route of making reservations some of my personal favorites in the downtown/loop district are moderate properties like the Best Western River North, Hotel Cass or a boutique condo the Seneca.

For drivers the Best West River North offers free parking otherwise I would look at staying out in the suburbs and riding the “L” into town. Downtown parking is very pricey and at times extremely limited. You shoulkd also be able to find a much lower rate than in the city center.

Of course there are plenty of additional choices depending on your preferences and budget. For a complete listing contact your travel agent or visit the Chicago Tourism office.

Happy travels and enjoy Chicago!