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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Google's flight status cell phone tool

I have a cell phone and well basically just use it as phone. I’ll send an occasional text message (TM) but I use my phone as a phone just to make and receive phone calls. Sorry folks there are none of those flashy applications splashed all over the TV screens. The marketing and advertising hype hasn’t convinced this guy that I need a pocket computer. Just the basics please!

But I have discovered a great Google application that’s perfect for air travelers and/or the people tasked to retrieve them at the airport. Google will send a TM to your phone updating the flight status.

Here’s how it works: Simply send your airline code and flight number to Google's text number 466453 (which spells "Google" on phones that still have letters assigned to each number) and it will return your flight status within seconds. It’s almost too simple to use but you’ll get exceedingly fast and accurate flight status information on your phone.

So if you’re picking up a business associate, loved one or just want an update on your air travel plans try this application. I think you will love it!

Happy travels!