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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lost a credit card when traveling?

Speaking of copies it is also a good idea to copy the front and back of the credit cards that you’ll be using when you travel. Be sure to get a local or international phone number and/email address for your credit card issuing companies. In the event you lose these then you’ll have a way to report the loss.

It is also a good idea to contact the credit card companies and inform them of your travel destinations and authorize that charges can be made in these locations. For security reasons your card may not work when you’re out of normal geography so a little pre planning can prevent a down the road problem. I’ve experienced this problem in the states. An Ohio resident with thousands of dollars of available credit I tried to use my card in Massachusetts and my charges were declined. It took about three hours and four calls to customer service before this situation was straightened out. Another solution is to carry more than one credit card. I have my primary card then one or more backups.

Your choice of the Atlantis Resort will take you to a world beyond extraordinary. Set amidst the lush tropical splendor of Paradise Island, Bahamas, the Atlantis is an exhilarating adventure of thrills and discoveries. With a recent $1 billion expansion the Atlantis provides incredible amenities, diverse accommodations and a vast array of activities and attractions. You can swim and play with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, shop at Marina Village or Crystal Court Shops, visit the Caribbean's largest casino, relax at Mandara Spa, play the challenging 18-hole championship PGA course, explore the 141-acre waterscape, Aquaventure, and dine at over 20 world-class restaurants all in one spectacular location.

If you venture off the property head over to “Hurricane Hole” marina and enjoy a fresh “conch salad’.

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