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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extra fees: that what's bugging me about travel suppliers

Someone recently asked me “What is your biggest complaint about travel suppliers today?”

My beef is all the extra fees that are tacked on to the base fare. Extra fees for paper tickets, online tickets, seat assignments, popular seats, snacks and beverages, checked baggage, etc. have been added to your airline ticket.

Cruise lines roll out items port charges, non commissionable fees, charges for special dining rooms, marking up wine and liquor prices to obscene levels, and inflated prices on merchandise, shore excursions, and anything else you're likely to buy through the cruise line.

In addition to local taxes rental cars have bloated your final costs with fess such as a customer facility charge, concession fee, leased vehicle surcharge, gross receipts tax, leased vehicle gross receipt tax and so on.

All of these extras add up and greatly increases your final costs. When I do the math I sharply disagree with the cruise line marketing rep that says we’re selling cruises today at 1989 prices.

Please email and share some of your complaints and/or issues with travel suppliers.