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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preventing motion discomfort

From my inbox:

Hey Travel Prof we got a great deal on a family cruise vacation but are afraid that our children might get sea sick. What are your thoughts?”

A good rule of thumb is if you can ride in the backseat of a car over the river and through the woods & hills of our region without any motion illness issues then you will probably not have a motion discomfort experience a sea.

Cruise ships today are huge vessels that are to design to minimize the rock and roll effect of the waves. Most of the cruising is in the relative calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea.

I won’t deny that you will experience a little motion of the ocean but it’s not like you are in small pleasure craft in a river or on a lake.

However if you’re still concerned there are over the counter drugs available, even for kids, for treating motion sickness. Here are a few simple rules to use.

Rule “1 is that most if not all of these meds must be taken before the trip starts.

Rule 1A is that there are also some non medical based treatments called “motion sickness wristbands”. These bands use acupressure technology to eliminate the feelings of nausea associated with motion sickness. This technology is based on the fact that if the right degree of pressure is applied to the right points of the body the transmission of nausea is blocked before it can be registered by the brain – thus eliminating the feelings of nausea before they start.

Rule 2 is to consult your doctor before giving your kids any new medications.

Rule 3 is if you or your children experience any motion discomfort at sea head immediately to the ship’s medical facility. They can administer (for a nominal fee) a shot that should relieve the symptoms.

Rule 4 is to have a great time and enjoy the family vacation!

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