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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Extended stay hotels

A student stuck her head into my office the other day and asked “We want to go on vacation but there are 4 of us (husband, wife & 2 small children) and a regular hotel room is too small. Due to the ages of our kids two rooms isn’t a good idea plus that is more expensive. Do you have suggestions?”

I replied that an extended stay hotel might work. In addition to a sleeping area they generally have a work area plus a semi furnished kitchen. Rates can be very reasonable especially when staying a week or longer.

Some chains to check out are
Intown Suites, Extended Stay America and Value Place hotels. There are other brands so be sure to research the rates at all properties. Better yet call your travel agent and let them shop for you.

Be kind to your travel agent & get out of town!

Plan well in advance and try to avoid holidays and peak travel periods. If you must travel during these times then expect to pay a room surcharge or higher rate.