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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let’s talk Turkey! No not the bird, the country of!

Turkey is where Europe and Asia connect and you meet at the historic heart and cross roads of western civilization.

It reaches a finger into Europe through the Balkans yet most of the only secular Muslim country on the globe sits in Asia nestled between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Its geographic location the West and the exotic east make Turkey both a traditional and modern destination. Turkey offers more Roman archaeological sites than Italy and more Grecian ruins than Greece itself. The art and culture of its Byzantine reign and of its Ottoman Empire are also plentiful. It is a land of contrast.

The best times to visit are April to mid-June--although the early spring can be a bit rainy--and mid-September to October when Turkey enjoys mild weather. November to March is likely to be chilly and rainy, and summers are very hot, humid, and uncomfortable.

Escorted tours and/or cruises offer a great way to explore this interesting and alluring destination. Contact
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