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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Choose to cruise: pick your cabin

1st off cruise cabins are small. You need about what you are really using the space for. A place to sleep, shower and stash your gear. If you’re hung up on cabin size then please look for a land based vacation and book into a Sandals Resort suite.

Although smaller than most hotel rooms modern cabins are quite comfortable and well appointed. Besides the reasons you are cruising are for the activities going on outside your stateroom.

Standard inside cabins have amenities that are to that of a standard room of a hotel: a queen-sized bed or twin beds, a satellite TV set, air conditioning, a closet and some storage space for your clothes and personal items, a telephone, a hair dryer, and other items. Inside cabins do not have windows or portholes and the bathroom is small usually having only a shower stall rather than a tub.

A standard outside cabin with an ocean view is the generally same size and offer identical amenities as the inside cabin. The only difference between the two of them is that the standard outside cabin has a porthole or a window. However the window/porthole is locked and cannot be opened. But you can watch the world sail by your stateroom’s window.