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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ireland castle hotel stays

A reader recently emailed “We want to travel to Ireland but don’t want a cookie cutter escorted tour. We still like the idea of a tour though. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?”

Yes I do! I would look at a tour operator like Brian Moore, CIE or Sceptre Tours that specialize in Ireland. They offer a nice range of package tours to the Emerald Isle. There are plenty of great tour companies but I like to look to an organization that specializes in a region not the world. I believe that this feature will get you that more customized tour.

Personally any time is the right time to travel to Ireland but I prefer the off season. Prices are reduced and the crowds are gone. Due to its location the Atlantic Ocean currents have a moderating effect on the climate. I call the off season November through mid March as sweater and jacket weather.

By the way you’ll have plenty of opportunities to purchase one of the lovely Irish woolen sweaters as your travel through the scenic countryside. Plus there will many more shopping chances during your journey.

A vacation to Ireland offers you a variety of choices when it comes to choosing your lodgings. From quiet and comfortable B&B's to lavish Castles, Ireland has something to accommodate everyone.

For those looking to create an unforgettable Ireland vacation, you can book into a wide range of Castle hotels from small, quaint properties to luxurious award winning castles. These unique properties are the perfect addition to your itinerary and you can customize a full castles itinerary or combined with a variation of Bed & Breakfasts (B & Bs) and hotels. Some of the featured castle hotels include: Dromoland Castle; Ashford Castle; Adare Manor; Waterford Castle; Fitzpatricks Castle, Kilronan Castle, Abbeyglen Castle, Cabra Castle and many more. Spend your nights like true royalty, while enjoying all of the major sites and hidden spots waiting to be discovered!

Another lodging option is the B & B. You’ll stay with the locals and I’ve always had pleasant conversations with the inn keepers and other travelers. If you can get a pub B & B that’s a great chance to have a pint or 2 while talking with the natives.

As always I suggest working with a travel agent to craft your getaway. Their service may be free but their advice is priceless!