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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thoughts on getting the value when paying in Euro or English pound

From the email inbox: “Hey Travel Prof we’re thinking about traveling aboard? How can someone make their dollar go further especially where the Euro and the English Pound are used?”

Pay for as much as you possibly can in advance with U.S. dollars. On escorted tours most things are included. What if someone doesn’t want to be on a strict schedule or tour a city they have no interest in? Today’s escorted tour operators offer variety. You can pick a tour that fits your preferences. Is gas expensive in Europe? Yes. But with an escorted tour, gas is included in the price and the cost of transportation is divided by the number of passengers.

Another way is select a tour operator that guarantees the exchange rate when you reserve the tour. This is a hedge against any foreign currency increases while occasionally if there’s a huge drop in the exchange rate the tour operators will reduce their price.

Cruises either the big box ships or the small intimate river vessels are still one more fairly inclusive option that will help maximize your savings and stretch your dollars! The ship becomes your floating hotel and transports you to many intriguing destinations at a leisurely pace. Depending on the cruise line items like shore excursion, on board history and cultural lectures, wine with dinner even bicycles in your ports of call.

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