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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nominal fees

I was chatting with a cruise line rep about their “nominal” fees. Her company charged $25.00 for dinner in a premier steakhouse, fine French or Italian restaurant seemed a bit more than nominal to me. A Japanese “fusion” dinner was $15.00 a head.

On board internet was also available again for a nominal fee that calculated out to 48.00 an hour. Again this did not strike me as nominal. This fee amount would cover 2 months of on-line access.
Am I a just a cheapskate? What do you think?

In the same conversation with my cruise rep she continued to stress the all inclusive value of her product. While I’m sold on the value of the cruise product as the way to frequently travel I could not sign off on ‘all inclusive” tag. Add in the costs of soft drinks, adult beverages, daily gratuities and other nominal fees and you have a fairly inclusive package. A Sandals or Super Clubs getaway is all inclusive but then these also cost more.

You need to do the math, compare the destinations and products side by side then make your purchase decision. On some occasions you may want to opt for the cruise products while other times head to the all inclusive resort.

If you’re confused on the pricing points consult with a knowledgeable travel agent who can guide you through the facts and figures.

Happy travels!