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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It’s Hammer Time!

The Travel Prof is loading his travel crew into the PT and heading to Huntington WVA on Sunday Feb 20th for some football! That’s for some rocking arena style football.

This activity is an inbound tourism magnet for our region. The Hammer will draw in people and they’ll spend time and most importantly money at Big Sandy, Pullman Square and other local shops, restaurants and so forth.

When the Blizzard hockey team was in town it was a $100.00 day for my crew. Between tickets, souvenirs, dining, etc that's the amount we invested locally. That's hard revenue for the city, country & Tri-State.

Now we need get a baseball stadium for the Herd and a summer baseball team! I love Appy Power Park in Charleston but a ball field in Huntington would be wonderful!

Go Hammer!