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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Queen Cleopatra is staying in Cincy

The world of Queen Cleopatra VII, which has been lost to the sea and sand for nearly 2,000 years, has resurfaced at Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) with Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt. On view through September 5, 2011, the exhibition features nearly 150 artifacts from Cleopatra’s time and will take you inside the present-day search for the elusive queen, which extends from the sands of Egypt to the depths of the Bay of Aboukir near Alexandria.

On display were statuary, jewelry, daily items, coins and religious tokens that archaeologists have uncovered from the time surrounding Cleopatra’s rule, all of which are visiting the U.S. for the first time. A multimedia approach and audio guide enhanced the exhibit and brought the past to life.

I was so inspired by this visit that we’re heading to Briggs Library and read up on the lives of Queen Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. I’m history buff but this is a somewhat unfamiliar period so it should a good read and perfect companion on my next air travel experience. I’m also hoping that the juvenile and youth section has some age appropriate material.

Admission fees for this fantastic Cleopatra exhibit are adult $23, child $15, senior $19 with discounted rates of adult: $14 and child $10 for museum members. There are also special rates for AAA members and if you go on-line to the CMC website there are special discounted offers.

These fees only covers admission to the Cleo exhibit so be prepared to pay for admittance to the other museum areas and a $4.00 parking fee. They do have special add on pricing so plan on spending the better part of the day here and exploring one of the gems of the Queen City.