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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tuning out TV football announcers

Sorry this rant is way off the way off travel radar screen but I’m turning the sound off on all future football TV broadcasts
Too many of the announcers are clueless and babble nonsense.

Here’s some proof. Go to your local football stadium and have a person stand at the goal line then you head out to mid field-50 yards away.  Have them move their head from side to side. Can you really read their eyes? No way! Add in trying to read their eyes while you’re on the run and covering a speedier receiver and that’s a bigger NO WAY!

Also what’s difference between the “new” Wildcat formation & a Shotgun?  Nothing other than in the Wildcat you replace the quarterback with a running back. Duh! Plays run first then pass 2nd! Yet these announcers drool on about the uniqueness of this set. But it still continues to baffle plenty of defensive coordinators too! Maybe they (the DCs) should retreat to the announcers both.

Turn the sound down guys and read your keys!

Maybe I should update my coaching resume!  I think I can still find my whistle.