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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Nude Wedding Returns to Jamaica

Hedonism II is searching for 10 couples to exchange their vows in the buff for a top-rated show on Valentine’s Day. These modern day “Adam’s & Eve’s" will be featured in a documentary and receive a complimentary 4 night stay.

Jamaica’s Hedonism II is putting out a siren call for engaged couples who would like to get married in the buff on national TV on Valentine’s Day 2012. The nuptials and interviews with the newlyweds will be featured in a top-rated show on a major documentary network.

This infamous resort has thrice hosted the “World’s Largest Nude Wedding” is asking couples looking to exchange vows in an "au natural" ceremony to apply confidentially by January 6, 2012. Up to 10 couples will be chosen to star in the cable television program, and receive a complimentary Dream Wedding and four-night stay at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.         

For those not daring to bare it all there is a clothed side of the resort. The Travel Prof has been to this “split” personality resort and trust me the nude side is very well marked! Unless you can’t read or understand pictures you can only wander into the unclothed side on purpose! 

Not interested in the wedding gig but curious about the resort contact me for more information!