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Friday, December 9, 2011

From the kitchens of Viking River Cruises

Regional cuisine tells a story. It embodies a country’s history, embraces its geography and represents its people. It conveys a feeling of pride inspired by time-honored traditions. And while every country has national dishes, delicious food is something we can all share. 

I should know as I’ve enjoyed dining my way across the continent! Now you can experience some of these flavors and aromas of regional specialties in your own your kitchen. I’ll share some of the recipes found in the cruise ship galleys that ply the waterways of the “Old World”.

Here’s one of my favorites from Austria—Sachertorte (pronounced “SOCCER tort”) and the kitchens of Viking River Cruises. While the dessert is found in many of Vienna’s coffeehouses, it can also be sampled on many of cruise ships. I think it is best paired with a strong cup of steaming hot Viennese coffee!

There are some end of the year specials for 2012-2013 sailing so contact your travel agent for more details!

Bon voyage!