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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carnival Deck Chair Hog Policy Expands Fleet-wide

Carnival Cruise Lines plans to expand its program against deck chair hogs fleet-wide. The Fun Ship line began a test program on Carnival Breeze a month ago designed to prevent passengers from reserving deck chairs, often by placing towels or books on them, and then not using them. The practice infuriates many cruisers, especially when deck chairs closest to the swimming pool are reserved but unused for hours.

Unoccupied chairs will have a sticker with the current time attached. As attendants patrol they will look for chairs that have been vacant for 40 minutes based on the sticker time. In these cases the personal items will be gathered up and secured at the pool attendant station. 

I applaud this effort and hope it works. Sadly, the deck and pool attendants will no doubt be on the receiving end of some verbal abuse. In those cases I hope Carnival security uses their policies too.