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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Airline to charge up to $100 for a carry-on bag

Spirit Airlines, long known as one of the kings of extra charges, said starting Nov. 6 it will charge customers $100 for carry-on bags at the gate if they haven’t paid for those bags online or at check-in. It said the $100 carry-on bag fee is intentionally set high to deter costly delay-causing gate activity. Much lower charges are available who pay for their carry-on bags in advance for $20 or more.

As more travelers try to bypass paying baggage fees the carry-on situation has gotten out of control. Not everything fits in the overhead or under your seat. Airplane cabins are not designed to have everybody carry on 3 or 4 pieces, that’s what the luggage bays are meant for.  

I’m hoping other carriers take notice and start charging for excessive carry-on bags. At least this is one air travel inconvenience that could be eliminated.