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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Differences in cruise cabins

Here are definitions for the reader that asked about cruise ship cabins and the best location.

On a cruise ship an inside cabin is a room that has no windows. Carnival Cruise Lines for example has gotten creative in their inside staterooms and installed curtains. But if you look behind the curtains you’ll discover just a wall.

An outside cabin has a view to the world with a porthole, window, or occasionally a private balcony.

Prices vary by cabin type with the inside one being the least expense and the outside balcony rooms prices out as the most expensive. What deck your cabin is located on also impacts your cruise fare. The lowest passenger decks will generally be the least expensive and as move up to the other decks the rate rise accordingly.

Personally I believe that the least expensive cabin is the way to go. After all you are sailing for the cruise experience which occurs outside your cabin in the restaurants, show rooms, casino, pool/spa deck, shops and on shore.

I also like the least expensive inside cabins because of their location. They are located on the lower decks and if you can get one that is located mid ship you can really reduce the rocking motion of the ship.

The high priced cabins on the upper decks near the front or rear of the ship experience much more of the vessel's motion.