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Friday, December 5, 2008

Las Vegas hotel site inspections.

In addition to my classroom activities I took the time to conduct a few site inspections of Las Vegas hotels that I was not familiar with. There are a few new properties plus some older ones that have undergone renovations so it was time to update myself.

A site/ship inspection is a visit to a hotel, cruise ship, restaurant, attractions or any other establishment (golf course or baseball stadium) for the purpose of getting to know what it offers and to evaluate it. On this tour I looked at the sleeping rooms, meeting venues, strolled through the grounds and the pool area. I dropped a few nickels into the slots checked out the menus in the restaurants and enjoyed a buffet or two.

It is basically a familiarization tour of the hotel, resort, attraction, cruise ship and so forth. Sometimes an employee will conduct the tour but this time I went on my own. By conducting the tour independently I believe that I get to experience the real product not the one presented by the eager and enthusiastic hotel sales person. I feel that I see the hotel from the perspective of the traveler not the staff.

Please don’t get more wrong as formal escorted site inspections/feminization trips are also wonderful tools.

Yes I’m the nosey guy that sticks his head into the room when the door is open and the maid’s chart is outside. I just want to sneak a peek.

I can’t stay in every Vegas hotel but at least I can check out plenty of the local sleeping accommodations and offer my first hand opinion to the Vegas bound traveler. I'll share my findings with you in my next post.

My site visits are not limited to Vegas. You may see me notebook in hand strolling through Sandals Montego Bay the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico or aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America.