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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uncle Matt seats

I recently mentioned attending a Columbus Clipper’s game. We left in the middle 8th inning as BTC was getting restless but we took a detour as we exited. Instead of heading back to the hotel I needed to investigate an open area underneath the right field fence/score board. There appeared to be a very large observation area in the wall and I just wanted to see the view.

Just as I suspected this area right off of Nationwide Boulevard offered a standing room area a free place where you could watch the game through the screen mesh. This was a throwback to the old days when wooden fences surrounded the ball yard and fans attempting to save a buck gathered in the outfield for a knot hole view of the game. As baseball purists term it this was knot hole viewing at its best.

I could just picture my brother Matt, a notorious cheapskate, here with his entire family in tow camped out here in folding chairs with a picnic basket and cooler alongside. The price of these seats fit his budget perfectly-they were free!

Go Clippers!