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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall road trips

As summer slips into fall that signals me that it is time to think about some 3 F’s road trips! The 3 Fs’ of my planning process are fall foliage, festivals and football.

The fall is a great time to getaway and experience our great countryside. You will not have to roam to far to sample the pleasures of autumn.

This season offers up plenty of weekend events and activities. Some local events include Portsmouth’s River Days, Ashland’s Poage Landing Days, the Iron Furnace festival in Ironton and Guyandottes Civil War Days. There are plenty of specials events so just get creative.

For local ideas and a calendar of events I like to visit state tourism offices web sites and browse their calendar of events. Here are the links for Kentucky, WVA and Ohio:, and Another search tool is to check out the county's or city’s web site. A phone call to these offices also works.