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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost passport issues?

Hey Travel Prof my boyfriend and I are going to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas. He’s a complete disorganized klutz. I’m worried that he’ll lose his passport and our travel documents. Can you make any suggestions or tips on how to handle this situation?

Congrats as you picked a super resort and interesting destination. I love the islands of the Bahamas and always look forward to returning.

I had an ex girlfriend that fits this category. She left a suitcase full of shoes at the airport even after I asked multiple times if she had everything. Yes I made her catch a cab and retrieve the bag herself. I was with a group and couldn't’t shake lose to do it myself.

The next time we traveled I personally inspected all the checked bags receipts. I left the carry to her but did inquire a few times if she had anything. Care to guess why she’s an ex?

To solve this I was responsible for all travel documents including the passport. I‘d give it to her when she needed it then immediately got it back and secured it in my document folder. The document folder I’m currently using hangs on a string around my neck and has pockets for passports, tickets and other documents. When on the road I wear this inside my shirt, sweater, jacket, etc., it may look tacky but it’s a secure place for important documents. Look in the luggage section of department/discount stores or search for one on line.

There's more to follow on this post. Be sure to check back soon.

Happy travels