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Friday, August 7, 2009

Bring college & minor league baseball to Huntington

The HD’s sports writer Chuck Landon made some interesting remarks recently about Marshall baseball, acquiring a minor league team and a new facility shared by both. I support this proposal 100%.

Sports are and can be a revenue generator. We have been exposed to this fact in the last month or so. Youth soccer, softball and baseball have brought plenty of outsiders into our region. During their visits they have spent money in area restaurants, hotels, gas stations, shops, etc. We need to build on this and look for additional ways to draw in tourists.

When the Blizzard hockey team played in downtown Huntington going to a match was a $100.00 evening for my family. We made a night of it with a pre game dinner, tickets, snacks and souvenirs. No hockey meant no more family nights out in the river city. Bring in 60 plus spring and summer baseball games and imagine the amount dollars that will spent locally. I’ll be one of the fans spending dollars at the stadium and other venues.

Inbound tourism does benefit the local community. Build it and they will come. I’ll disagree with the idea to build in Kinetic Park but hey let’s get a dialog started. Let’s start a grass roots movement to bring baseball back to Huntington.