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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Round the world airfares

The Travel Prof received an email from Sue in Wheelersburg asking “What is a round the world airfare (RTW) and are they still available? Where do we buy them at ”

The basic idea of an RTW ticket is to travel around the world at a set fare, regardless of the number of stops or mileage, within ticket limits. Starting from the United States, you either head to Europe, then Asia, maybe the South Pacific and home, or you do it in the opposite direction. You can also add South Africa and South America. In any case, you have to cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, each just once.

Round the World Airfare (RTW) are programs offered by airlines and travel professionals allowing travelers to circle the globe for much less money than buying a series of one way tickets. Many times an Around the World ticket, especially in Business and First Class may cost less, than a round trip ticket to the more remote regions of the world.

Email and I'll share a list of my RTW contacts.

Happy travels!